Pick1 Audiences + MailChimp

Pick1 Audiences + MailChimp

In our previous post we have introduced the basics of our new Pick1 Audiences feature. Audiences are a great way to segment and analyze your respondents data in realtime, but their great power comes from the ability to synchronize survey respondents data with external services in order to retarget your respondents directly from the retargeting and communication platforms that you currently use.

For some time now you have been able to use our MailChimp integration to send surveys to your MailChimp lists. But what if you want to grow those lists with new emails and data of members of your community? From today you’ll be able to update in realtime your MailChimp lists with details of your respondents (email, name, date of birth, etc.) as soon as they respond to your surveys. You can sync a Pick1 Audience with an existing or new MailChimp list, and as soon as a new respondent is attached to that Audience, your mailing list will be automatically updated so that you will be able to send personalized emails to those respondents directly from MailChimp.

To sync an Audience with a MailChimp list, log in into your Pick1 account and click on the Audiences section from the left side menu.

Now, form the list of Audiences that you have created, click on the one that you wish to sync with a MailChimp list .If you haven’t created an Audience yet, create one first.

In the next screen, click on the “Sync this Audience with MailChimp list” button.


You will then be able to pair with your MailChimp account (if you haven’t already) and select the list to sync with.

Now that the sync process is complete, your MailChimp list will be automatically updated when a new respondent is added to this Audience because it matches the criteria that you have specified in the Audience conditions.

This way you will be able to know everything about the new users that you add in your email lists and send them personalized emails.

In the following weeks we will be adding more integrations to take your market research and retargeting efforts to a whole new level, so stay tuned!